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Manage Your Business with Best Commercial Real Estate Software in India

Our top-class real estate software ensures you never miss an opportunity to connect with your potential customers in India. It helps you manage your follow-ups, project plans, site visits, marketing campaigns, and much more in some very easy clicks.

In this system, the consumers are the participants. His family and friends are his customers, and the cycle continues.

Benefits of Maya Softech Software’s Real Estate Software

1       Capture and convert leads within seconds

Our highly effective real estate software helps you smoothly transform your leads into profitable sales. Additionally, the software automatically assigns leads to salespersons and uses lead scores to determine which prospects your team needs to focus on. .

2       Easy invoices and bills

Being the best real estate software for small investors, it helps you complete your entire process by creating invoices, quotes, price books, and bills. Maya Softech real estate software’s powerful inventory management features allow you to manage all your post-sales processes and share invoices to the clients through custom emails.

3       Automated selling and Blueprints

Our software is fully automated and completes most regular tasks on its own in order to enable your agents to close more deals in less time. You can also use blueprint’s process automation features to ensure your team follows the proper sales process.

4       Relevant Project Landing Pages

It can be a time-consuming task to create appropriate landing pages for different types of projects and properties. Maya Softech software real estate software comes with an automatic landing page builder that can quickly make many responsive landing pages.

5       Leverage Information for Maximize Benefit

Automation will not only save money and time spent on menial tasks but also reduce human errors. At the same time, the software also makes your operations more effective and efficient. Our best real estate software will help your business move towards digital transformation.

6       Personalized Services

Maya Softech software real estate software helps you analyze your customers’ data and understand them better. When you have better information about your customers, you will able to offer the most appropriate services.

Why choose Maya Softech Software’s Real Estate Software

1       10 Years of Experience

We are leading the software development industry for the last ten years and can utilize new-age technologies to develop the best real estate software.

2       Full-Time Support

We believe in clients’ convenience and offer all they expect from a software development company. Our customer support team is always there to help you.

3       Easy to Use Software

The software comes with a user-friendly interface that you can operate efficiently without facing any difficulty. However, you can ask for help if you find something difficult.

4       Unlimited Property & Project Listing

As the best real estate software in India, the software supports multiple project and property listings in a single display.

5       Advanced Template Options

You can customize everything you want with our advanced template options.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Property Management
  • Contact Management
  • Lead Management
    • Automatic lead routing
    • Manage sales pipeline and follow up process
    • Site visit tracking and management
    • Lead updates
    • Daily staff activity report
  • Cloud Telephony
    • Never miss a lead
    • Integrate virtual numbers
    • Map virtual numbers to campaign
    • Auto record follow up communication
  • Project Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Booking and Sales Accounts
    • Extensive booking and blocking process
    • Booking approval
    • Manage & track unit inventory
    • Revenue and cash flow projection
    • Sales analytics
  • Marketing & Campaign
  • Customer Accounts
    • Detailed view of customer accounts
    • RERA and GST compliant
    • Auto invoicing
    • Customer login
    • 3 tier payment reminders
    • Customer login
  • Document Management
  • Report Generation & Distribution